Closing an SSLEngine Connection

This tip shows you how to correctly close a SSLEngine connection. Notice that this is not a simple process, like closing a simple socket!

SSLContext context ...;SSLEngine engine ...;ByteBuffer dummy ...;ByteBuffer OutputNet ...;engine.closeOutbound();while(!engine.isOutboundDone())       {       dummy.flip();       OutputNet.clear();              result=engine.wrap(dummy,OutputNet);       status=result.getStatus();       System.out.println("Status:"+status);                                          if(status==SSLEngineResult.Status.BUFFER_OVERFLOW)            {            System.out.println("BUFFER_OVERFLOW");                                                                                          OutputNet=ByteBuffer.allocate(SOutputNet.capacity()+100);            }             if(status==SSLEngineResult.Status.OK)            {                                                System.out.println("OK");            while(OutputNet.hasRemaining())                  {                  try{                     int W=channel.write(OutputNet);                     if(W==-1)                        {                        //the channel has been closed                        }                                             if(W==0)                        {                        //nothing has been read                        }                         }catch(IOException e)                        {                        ?                        }                     }           OutputNet.compact();           }                   //BUFFER_UNDERFLOW, CLOSE                                                       }   //closing the transport mechanismchannel.close();                                                                           
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