Send a Cookie to the Server Using the setRequestProperty Method

The following code snippet is J2SE 6.0 code that uses the setRequestProperty method to send cookies to the server. You can find more information about cookies and the complete application of this example here.

try {   //optional  - for proxy connection used     InetAddress addr=InetAddress.getByName("");   InetSocketAddress ISA=new InetSocketAddress(addr,8080); proxy=new,ISA);     url=new URL("");        URLcon = (HttpURLConnection)url.openConnection(proxy);   				   String cookie="name_1=value_1;name_2=value_2;... name_n=value_n";   URLcon.setRequestProperty("Cookie",cookie); 			   URLcon.connect();				   System.out.println(URLcon.getResponseMessage());                  }catch(MalformedURLException e) {   System.out.println("Erorr:"+e.getMessage());}catch(IOException e) {   System.out.println("Erorr:"+e.getMessage());}
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