How to Iterate Through All the Properties of a Class

How to Iterate Through All the Properties of a Class

The following code gets all the properties of an Employee class using Reflection. Here’s the Employee class code:

class Employee{    private int m_age;    private string m_name;    public int Age    {        get { return m_age; }        set { m_age = value; }    }    public string Name    {        get { return m_name; }        set { m_name = value; }    }}

This short program creates an Employee instance and populates it. Then it retrieves the class properties and iterates through them, writing the name of each property and its value in the instantiated instance of the class.

class Program{   static void Main(string[] args)   {      Employee oEmployee = new Employee();      oEmployee.Age = 26;      oEmployee.Name = "Employee Name";      PropertyInfo[] properties = oEmployee.GetType().GetProperties();      foreach (PropertyInfo oPropertyInfo in properties)      {         MethodInfo oMethodInfo = oEmployee.GetType().GetMethod(            "get_" + oPropertyInfo.Name);         ParameterInfo[] ArrParameterInfo = oEmployee.GetType().GetMethod(            "get_" + oPropertyInfo.Name).GetParameters();         Console.WriteLine(oPropertyInfo.Name + " = " + oMethodInfo.Invoke(            oEmployee, ArrParameterInfo));      }      Console.ReadLine();   }}


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