An OCX-less Progress Bar

An OCX-less Progress Bar

If you need a progress bar in your VB6 application, but don’t want to add the reference to Microsoft Windows Common Controls, here’s a simple way to create a progress bar that doesn’t require any extra components.

Author’s Note: The sample program does use the slider bar from the Common Controls, but only for demonstration purposes—the slider control isn’t required to implement the solution.

The trick is to use a VB6 line control, and then vary the length of the line to simulate a progress bar. You can get fancy with the bar’s color or width. With some minor code changes, you can easily create a vertical rather than horizontal progress bar.

To set up the demo, go into VB and create a new project. For demonstration purposes only, add a reference to the Microsoft Windows Common Controls, and add a slider bar to the bottom of the form. Resize the slider bar so it fits across the form.

Paste the following code into the default form:

Option ExplicitDim RightMost As LongDim Line1 As ControlPrivate Sub Form_Load()    'This section adds a line control to the form.    Set Line1 = Form1.Controls.Add("VB.Line", "Line1", Form1)    Line1.X1 = 240    Line1.X2 = 4080    Line1.Y1 = 1080    Line1.Y2 = 1080    Line1.Visible = True    'Save the rightmost point.    RightMost = Line1.X2    Line1.BorderWidth = 4        'The fun part is here.    Slider1.Max = 100    Slider1.Min = 1End SubPrivate Sub Slider1_Change()    Call NewBar(Slider1.Value)End SubPrivate Sub NewBar(XPercent)    Line1.X2 = (RightMost - Line1.X1) * (XPercent / 100)    If Line1.X2 < Line1.X1 Then Line1.X2 = Line1.X1End Sub

Now run the program. As you slide the indicator across the screen, you'll see the line change to match the indicator.

Author's Note: If you add the line control to the form at design time, you can remove the Form_Load code down to the "Save the rightmost point" comment.
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