Java Code to Filter File Names in a Directory

Java Code to Filter File Names in a Directory

The following Java code does the following:

  1. Filters files for an array of extensions.
  2. Splits file names.
  3. Tests the resulting array
package FileHandling;import;import;/** * filters files for an array of extensions critstr * splitting file name by splitstr * last element of resulting array being tested * @author emniyet */public final class MyFileFilter implements FilenameFilter {    private String [] critstr;    private String splitstr;         public void setCriteria(String splitstr, String [] critstr) {         this.splitstr=splitstr;         this.critstr=critstr;     }     public boolean accept(File dir, String name) {         boolean res=false;         String [] string = name.split(splitstr);                  Y:        for (int j=0;j<critstr.length;j++){         if(string[string.length-1].equalsIgnoreCase(critstr[j])) {            res=true;            break Y;                }         }        return res;    }}code fragment using the FileNameFilter.......            File fil = new File("C:\"                        + "Users\"                        + "emniyet\"                        + "Documents\"                        + "NetBeansProjects\"                        + "JSaat\"                         + "src\"                         + "JSaatSaat\");            MyFileFilter flt = new MyFileFilter();            String [] crit= {"wav", "au", "mid"};            flt.setCriteria("\.", crit);              this.adclip = fil.list(flt);            for(int j=0;j
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