Zap Expired Docs

Zap Expired Docs

This VBA Microsoft Word routine purges a document when it’s opened after a predefined expiration date. I’ve only tested this macro with Word 97:

 Sub Purge()	Dim ExpirationDate As Date	ExpirationDate = #4/1/98#	'This particular document expires on 1 April 1998	If Date >= ExpirationDate Then		'Purge the document		With Selection			.WholeStory			.Delete Unit:=wdCharacter, Count:=1			.TypeText Text:= _				"This document expired on" & _				Str(ExpirationDate) & "."			.TypeParagraph		End With		ActiveDocument.Save		'Alert the user		MsgBoxResult = MsgBox("This document has expired. " _			& "Please acquire an updated copy.", , _			"Document Purge")	End IfEnd Sub

In order to work, you should call this macro from a document’s AutoOpen macro.


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