Creating an HTML Directory in ASP

Creating an HTML Directory in ASP

Although most Web servers give you the option of allowing users to view the list of files in a Web site directory, you may not want to show some types of files. Also, you may want to present the list of files in attractive table. The following code, written for Internet Information Server with Active Server Pages (ASP), displays all of the GIF files in the directory C:inetpubwwwrootwork. It also shows the size of the file, the type, the date that it was last accessed, and when it was last modified. Update the variables called thepath and thefile to reflect your Web’s path and the type of file that you want to display.

"Response.Write ""Response.Write ""Response.Write ""Response.Write ""Response.Write ""Response.Write "" End IfNextEnd Sub%>
" & & "" & f1.size & "" & f1.type & "" & f1.DateLastAccessed & "" & f1.DateLastModified & "


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