Make the Ants March

Make the Ants March

To implement a quick and easy version of the old “marching ants” line around a control, place two CommandButtons, a Shape, and a Timer control on a form. Then insert this code into the form:

 Private Sub Command1_Click()	StartMarchingAntsEnd SubPrivate Sub Command2_Click()	StopMarchingAntsEnd SubPrivate Sub StartMarchingAnts()	Timer1.Interval = 200	Timer1.Enabled = True	Shape1.Visible = TrueEnd SubPrivate Sub StopMarchingAnts()	Timer1.Enabled = False	Shape1.Visible = FalseEnd SubPrivate Sub Timer1_Timer()	If Shape1.BorderStyle = vbBSDot Then		Shape1.BorderStyle = vbBSDashDot	Else		Shape1.BorderStyle = vbBSDot	End IfEnd Sub

Pressing Command1 starts the animation; Command2 stops it. This works for all shape types.


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