Use Custom Form Properties

You can easily find out whether your user clicked on OK or on Cancel on a modal dialog. This example also prevents the user from unloading the form, and thereby prevents you from inadvertently reloading the form when you reference the properties of controls on the form:

 Option ExplicitPrivate mUserHitOK As BooleanPublic Property Get UserHitOK() As Boolean	UserHitOK = mUserHitOKEnd PropertyPrivate Sub cmdCancel_Click()	mUserHitOK = False	Call HideEnd SubPrivate Sub cmdOK_Click()	mUserHitOK = True	Call HideEnd SubPrivate Sub Form_QueryUnload(Cancel As Integer, UnloadMode _	As Integer)	If UnloadMode = vbFormControlMenu Then		Cancel = True		cmdCancel.Value = True	End IfEnd Sub

You only need this code to check the user action:

 Call frmModalDialog.Show(vbModal)If frmModalDialog.UserHitOK Then	' Do Something HereElse	' Do Something Else HereEnd IfCall Unload(frmModalDialog)Set frmModalDialog = Nothing
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