Adding Full Paths to a TreeView

Adding Full Paths to a TreeView

Have you ever wanted to add nodes to a TreeView control using a full path instead of adding a node at a time? You can do it with this code:

 Public Sub AddPathToTree(Tree As TreeView, Path As String)	Dim PathItem As String	Dim NewItem As String	Dim PathLen As Integer	Dim c As String * 1	Dim i As Integer	'ADD A BACKSLASH AS A TERMINATOR	If Right$(Path, 1)  "" Then Path = Path & ""	PathLen = Len(Path)	'RUN THROUGH THE PATH LOOKING FOR BACKSLASHES	For i = 1 To PathLen		c = Mid$(Path, i, 1)		If c = "" Then			If PathItem = "" Then				'ADD THE ROOT ITEM TO THE TREE				On Error Resume Next				Tree.Nodes.Add , , "" & NewItem, NewItem				PathItem = "" & NewItem			Else				'ADD THE NEXT CHILD TO THE TREE				Tree.Nodes.Add PathItem, tvwChild, PathItem _					& "" & NewItem, NewItem				PathItem = PathItem & "" & NewItem			End If			NewItem = ""100		Else			NewItem = NewItem & c		End If	Next iEnd Sub

Simply call this routine passing the TreeView control and the full path as parameters. All the necessary nodes will be added if they don’t already exist:

 	AddPathToTree TreeView1, _		"RootLevelChild1Child2Child3Child4"


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