Report: Demand for Mobile Development Skills Up

Report: Demand for Mobile Development Skills Up

Elance reported continued strong demand in IT hiring at its job Web site, which caters to companies looking to hire contract workers for online projects.

In a report released this week, Elance said it posted 98,032 new jobs in Q3, earning the online professionals who took those jobs $24.5 million over the quarter — up 42 percent from a year ago. IT-related jobs generated the most earnings, netting 59 percent of overall earnings at the site.

[login]There was also some indication in the results that companies are starting to spend more to attract new business. While the marketing category received only 7 percent of total earnings, it had the fastest growth with earnings up 61 percent from a year ago.

For developers, mobile was a key growth area. Elance noted that geolocation services are becoming increasingly important to businesses looking to attract customers online via their mobile devices.

Demand for iPhone programmers was up, jumping five spots to No. 16, while Blackberry Programmers jumped 11 spots to No. 89. The Elance top 100 skills in demand list also reflected the growth of Android devices; Android programmers moved up 26 spots to 49 on the list.

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