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C Extends Its Lead in Popularity Ranking

Groovy isn't as popular as previously thought.




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Tiobe has updated its Programming Community Index, and this month, C cemented its position as the most popular programming language. For some time, C and Java have been neck-and-neck in the rankings, but now C has pulled ahead with an 18.155 percent share compared to Java's 16.521 percent share. Others in the top ten included Objective-C (9.406 percent), C++ (8.369 percent), C# (6.024 percent), PHP (5.379 percent), Visual Basic (4.396 percent), Python (3.110 percent), Transact-SQL (2.521 percent), and JavaScript (2.050 percent).

Tiobe also corrected a bug that caused Groovy to score unusually high in last month's chart. As a result of changes in the way rankings are calculated Groovy dropped from eighteenth back down to thirty-second on the list.

A competing index, the PyPL Popularity of Programming Language, uses different criteria to gauge popularity, and it says Java is the most popular language, followed by PHP, Python, C#, C++, C, JavaScript, Objective-C, Visual Basic, and Ruby.

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