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Chef Unveils Habitat Application Automation Tool

The open source project is similar to container technology.


Chef has released a new open source project called Habitat that offers application automation capabilities which could be helpful for enterprises that use DevOps practices. Somewhat similar to containerization, Habitat packages up an application with all of its dependencies and automation details and then allows it to run on any infrastructure, including virtualized servers, containers or cloud computing environments. The company says that it should be easy to port existing applications to Habitat.

“We must free the application from its dependency on infrastructure to truly achieve the promise of DevOps,” Chef co-founder and CTO Adam Jacob said. “There is so much open source software to be written in the world, and we’re very excited to release Habitat into the wild. We believe application-centric automation can give modern development teams what they really want — to build new apps, not muck around in the plumbing.”

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