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Forrester: 100% of Large Enterprises Will Adopt Hadoop

Speakers at the Hadoop Summit tout the benefits of predictive analytics.


At the Hadoop Summit, Mike Gualtieri, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, told attendees that Hadoop is "a data operating system and a fundamental data platform that in the next couple of years 100 percent of large companies will adopt." Gualtieri and other speakers said that Hadoop "democratizes big data problem solving" and enhances predictive analytics.

Ashish Gupta, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Actian, one of the vendors at the event, said that predictive analytics with Hadoop "can give businesses an edge. You can predict what’s best to put in your online catalog; sensor data in the car ahead of you will alert you when there’s slippage ahead; and you’ll see all the presidential candidates heavily use predictive analytics like Obama did his first two campaigns to identify swing voters."

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