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Survey: Only 16% of Developers Using NoSQL Databases

Nearly 80 percent of developers said they work with a relational databases.


The new crop of NoSQL databases have been receiving lots of media attention, but a new survey from Tesora finds that few developers are actually using the technology. Only 16 percent of North American developers surveyed said they work with a NoSQL database. By comparison, 79 percent said they used a relational database.

Breaking it down by individual databases, Microsoft SQL Server was the most commonly used with 57 percent of respondents, followed by MySQL (40 percent), Oracle (38 percent) and PostgreSQL (13 percent).

More than half of those surveyed said they were likely or very likely to implement database as a service in a private cloud computing environment. Twenty-one percent said they expected to do so within two year; 10 percent had already done so.

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