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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Oct 1, 1996



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Creating Generic ToolTips Module

I want to write a form module that is generic, that will give tooltips ability to any VB program. I need it to intercept mousemove messages so that it knows when, where & what to give a tooltip for, it can pick up the message from the controls tag property.

You can do this by putting a timer control on a form and everytime the timer's event fires you use the POINTAPI type and several API calls (GetCursorPos, GetActiveWindow, WindowFromPointXY for 32 bit, WindowFromPointYX for 16-bit (go figger!), GetWindow and ShowWindow) to figure out whether the mouse is over a control, and just which control if it is. You then fetch the tag property of the control and put it into your tooltip window. Obviously the actual code is a bit much for this particular Q&A venue, but if you go to any of the Visual Basic newsgroups and ask I'm sure you'd get sent several variations on the theme. Visual Basic 4.0 has some automatic tooltips, but they are essentially limited to the toolbar control.

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