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Language: SQL Server
Expertise: Beginner
May 30, 1997



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Using views to improve performance

We are building a Web-based interface for an existing database. We're using a SQL interpreter that runs the queries, then sends them to the server without the need for a client side plug-in. Some of the queries take up to 20 minutes to process. The largest table has more than 800,000 rows. Would a view table help the query's performance without slowing down the whole system? What is the deciding factor in using a view table?

Performance issues usually are very specific to the data involved, and are best decided using test runs. A view may be particularly useful if you use it to limit the rows that would be processed by a query.

For instance, a view that contains only the rows related to a particular topic would allow you to ask users to select a topic in advance of issuing their query. This would allow you to use the view rather than the base table, improving performance.

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