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Language: Client Scripting
Expertise: Beginner
Aug 10, 1998



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Passing Arrays

Can you pass an array directly into a cookie file, or do you have to convert it to a string first? If you have to convert it to a string (using the toString or join methods) is there a way to do so without JavaScript forcing delimiters or separators into the string? For example, myArray.toString() will force commas to separate the elements of the array. "101101" becomes "1,0,1,1,0,1". Is there a parameter I can place in the ()'s so the string returned is "101101"?

You don't have to do any conversion. When you assign the array to the cookie (or any string) it will be automatically converted into a list separated by commas. However, if any of the array elements contain a comma (,) as part of their value you'll have problems later figuring out which commas belong in the array values and which are separators. So, if you want more control when converting an array into a string, the join method is your best bet. This method takes one parameter and uses it as the separator between each array element as it is added to the string. Although spaces, commas, and dashes are common separators, you can forego a separator completely by specifying an empty string ("") as the parameter. So a command like myarray.join("") will create a string with nothing between the array elements






The result is 

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