March 14, 1997

Importance of DataBlades

Question: Why are DataBlades so important, as opposed to building application logic separate from the database? Answer: Though at first glance it appears that DataBlades and application logic operate similarly,

Set explain on fails

Question: Set explain on fails (sqlcode: 586 (I think) ISAM: 1) (Could not open sqexplain.out). We have plenty of disk space and file permissions. It even failed as “root” in

Informix non-logged databases

Question: In a data warehouse, loading/transforming data is a significant process. Do Informix non-logged databases provide significant performance gains in loading and transforming data? Answer: YES! Though your needs may

Updating a Table with Multiple Values

Question: Oracle 7.3, Microsoft Access 2.0 and up, and Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 all provide methods by which a single SQL command can update a table using multiple values looked