March 24, 1997

Calculating Hourly Billings

Question: [Joe Celko’s Consultants Puzzle]Brian K. Buckley posted a version of the following problem on the PowerSoft CompuServe forum in the WATCOM SQL section in 1994 November requesting assistance. He

Compare Budget and Actual Tables

Question: [Joe Celko’s Budget Versus Actual Puzzle]C. Conrad Cady posted a simple SQL problem on the CompuServe Gupta Forum. He has two tables, Budgeted and Actual, which describe how a

Finding Exactly One Non-Zero Column

Question: [Joe Celko’s One In Ten Puzzle]Alan Flancman ran into a problem with some legacy system data that had been moved over to a SQL database. The table looked like

Delimited Data

Question: Is there a quick and dirty way to export a delimited datasetvia a simple query? I would like to get something like: value1,value2,value3(The delimeters could be commas, semi-colons, etc.)

Finding Only the Most Current Row

Question: The Situation: I need to define some queries to extract data from an existing database (I am using MS Access 2.0). It consists of only two tables, from which

Stored Procedures

Question: What are the common uses of stored procedures? Answer: Many databases use stored procedures and/or triggers to implementreferential integrity [ensuring that data referenced by another tabledoesn’t get deleted or

Creating Views

Question: I’ve got a “new user” question for you. Some of the tables in our databaseshave several columns containing data that’s not used very often. When I’musing ad-hoc queries, it

New Features

Question: What are some of the new features of Power Objects Version 2? Answer: The major new features of Version 2.0 include:New platforms – OPO will continue to support both