March 24, 1997

Set focus

Question: When a user selects a value from a list box, I populate the contents of arepeater. I also want to set the focus into the repeater’s first field.How can

Global functions

Question: How can I define a function that is not associated with a particular form? Answer: You can define an function that is not associated with a particular form by

Formatting data

Question: When I set the FormatMask property for a data field object, the value of the field is formatted when a user enters data and tabs out of the field.

Enumerating instances

Question: I want to use many instances of a class in my form, but can’t seem to figure out an easy way to check on the status of all the


Question: Is there a way to send mail with a mouse click? I’m working on a Mac and in Windows. Answer: You can send mail, or do virtually anything else

Data Replication

Question: I’ve heard several of the arguments in favor of a server that supports datareplication. What are the potential problems? Answer: For our readers, the advantages of data replication [creating