March 24, 1997

Differences Between Join Types

Question: What are the differences between LEFT, RIGHT, INNER and OUTER JOINS? Answer: An INNER JOIN is the most common type: It combines all the data from the tables specified

Data Replication as a WAN Solution

Question: I have nine offices. I want each office to connect across aWAN and run client/server applications with all datacontained on one central server. However, we are finding the delays

BLOB Data Storage

Question: What are the advantages/disadvantages of putting large binary files (1+ MB) in BLOB columns versus storing them on a file server with a reference such as a directory/file spec

Checking for a lost connection

Question: I want to periodically check to see if a user’s database connection has been lost. How can I? Answer: First of all, a solution. You can implement periodic ‘polling’

Improving performance

Question: The repeater in my application seems to be very slow in populating. Is there anything I can do to improve its performance? Answer: Poor performance can be the result

Data Replication

Question: I’ve heard several of the arguments in favor of a server that supports datareplication. What are the potential problems? Answer: For our readers, the advantages of data replication [creating