March 25, 1997

Problem: VRML Files on Server Download as Text-Only

Question: Someone told me I have to specify a MIME encoding somewhere on my server. Would you be kind enough to tell me where on a Windows NT server Internet box I can configure this option, and do you know what I would have to input? Is it X-VRML-something world?

Software with which to create interactive VRML worlds

Question: Is there software out there that allows one to create interactive VRML worlds without knowing how to program? Answer: Yes: Fountain Pro from Caligari, Virtual Home Space Builder from Paragraph, 2Morrow’s Tools by Tomorrow Inc., VR Creator by VREAM, Virtus Walkthrough Pro by Virtus. All are under $500 and

Linking two or more embedded VRML objects on one Web page

Question: I’m wondering if/how one can link two or more embedded VRML objects in a single Web page so that both objects would respond to the same key/mouse input. I’m currently using Llive3d. Do I have to go to the plug-in API level in order to do this? Answer: I’m

How can I achieve photographic 3D environments on the Web?

Question: How can I achieve photographic 3D environments on the Web? Answer: QTVR is a type of movie file format that enables users to navigate photo-quality scenes. There is a 360 degree range of vision, although the movie displays are small: 320×240 pixels. You can create panoramas or objects; panoramas

Can I programmatically move a control in a window in Visual C++?

Question: I’m beginning the design of an application where it would be advantageous to be able to programmatically move the position of a control on its form. Is it possible to do this using Visual C++? Answer: Yes, all control classes (ie CEdit, CListBox, CStatic, etc) in Visual C++ are

Calculating Averages Within Arbitrary Groups

Question: [Joe Celko’s Production Report Puzzle]We get a production report from work centers which has a date, center code and how many widgets were produced from each batch of raw materials sent to them that day. It looks like this: CREATE TABLE Production (center INTEGER NOT NULL, wkdate DATE NOT

Nested Outer Joins

Question: [Joe Celko’s Outer (JOIN) Limits Puzzle]Gerard Manko at ARI had a problem in 1994 April. They had just switched over from Paradox to Watcom SQL. The conversion of the legacy database was done on a one-for-one basis, without any thought of normalization. Yes, I know that as the SQL

Finding the Column Within a Row with the Least Value

Question: (Joe Celko’s Least Little Thing Puzzle)Gregg Reno asked for an answer to a “Simple SQL puzzle” on the SQL Roundtable section of the DBMS CompuServe forum in March.He wanted to find an SQL statement that would give the lower of the two values in the same row. His example

What does AFX stand for?

Question: I see the term “AFX” everywhere in the MFC source code.For example, “AFX_MSG_MAP”. What does it mean? Answer: I once asked this of Jeff Harbers, one of the original members of the AFX team. He replied: “The ‘AF’ stands for `application framework.’ The `X’ is just cool.”

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