March 25, 1997

How can I create VRML pages?

Question: What can I use to produce VRML, or can I write it like HTML? Answer: It is possible to write VRML as a purely text-based language, using a regular

Finding the Top n Within a Group

Question: [Joe Celko’s Best Salesmen by Territory Puzzle]Martin Tillinger posted this problem on the MSAccess forum of CompuServe. How do you get the top three salesmen in each territory, given

How compatible are VRML browsers?

Question: If I make a VRML page, can it be read by any browser? Answer: The original idea behind VRML 1.0 was that any VRML scene should be viewable using

What is Microsoft’s Active VRML proposal about?

Question: What are the key features of Active VRML? Answer: Microsoft’s Active VRML, is a proposal built on top Microsoft’s Direct X suite of graphics/multimedia APIs, and also incorporates Microsoft’s

What is GMD’s Dynamic Worlds proposal about?

Question: Please explain Dynamic Worlds. Answer: “The Power of Dynamic Worlds” proposal from the German National Research Center (GMD) is based on an interaction model developed for collaborative distributed virtual


Question: What is the standard SQL-92 syntax for INSERT INTO? Answer: Be sure to check your product documentation for any variations! This is standard syntax, but not all products will