How compatible are VRML browsers?

How compatible are VRML browsers?

If I make a VRML page, can it be read by any browser?

The original idea behind VRML 1.0 was that any VRML scene should be viewable using any VRML browser. As VRML 1.0 has evolved, companies have added their own extensions to VRML. Some world builders use file extensions that can only be read by their own browser. An example of a world builder like this is Sony’s Cyber Passage Conductor and its Cyber Passage browser.

Some world builders produce scenes that appear as plain VRML 1.0 if you use a plain VRML browser but display interactive behavior and script-driven animation if you visit using their own browser. An example of this is VRCreator and its WIRL browser. An enterprising idea is displayed by ParaGraph with its special file format viewer that is incorporated into a number of popular VRML browsers


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