April 17, 1997

Circular referencing

Question: Circular referencing Answer: This tip addresses circular referencing between units; that is, where two units are dependent upon each other in some way. Or in more simple terms: two

Some Useful String Manipulation Functions

Question: Some useful string manipulation functions Answer: If you’re like me, you create a bunch of utility functions and store them in a separate unit or maybe even a DLL

Using SQL2 Built-in Functions

Question: Using SQL2 built-in functions Answer: A problem that’s rampant with many software tools today, even one as complete and comprehensive as Delphi, is that documentation on many important subjects

A Simple Property Editor

Question: A simple property editor Answer: This is an introductory level article about creating a simple property editor that I hope will get you started. I’ll provide enough information about

Two Ways of Indexing a Paradox Table

Question: Two ways of Indexing a paradox table Answer: Having done a lot of work with Paradox in the past, there are things I’ve learned in Paradox that I’ve needed