April 17, 1997

Two Ways of Indexing a Paradox Table

Question: Two ways of Indexing a paradox table Answer: Having done a lot of work with Paradox in the past, there are things I’ve learned in Paradox that I’ve needed to duplicate in Delphi. One of those things is indexing a Paradox table at runtime. With Delphi,I’ve written two ways

A Simple Property Editor

Question: A simple property editor Answer: This is an introductory level article about creating a simple property editor that I hope will get you started. I’ll provide enough information about the DSGNINTF.PAS (Design interface that holds the TPropertyEditor class) file so you can finish the article with a sense of

Using SQL2 Built-in Functions

Question: Using SQL2 built-in functions Answer: A problem that’s rampant with many software tools today, even one as complete and comprehensive as Delphi, is that documentation on many important subjects is either incomplete, difficult to locate or, altogether missing. SQL2 built-in functions fall into the final category. But while Delphi

Add a New Event to a Component: Right-Click in a TDBGrid

Question: I need to add a right-click event to aTDBGrid, but am ata loss as to how to accomplish it. I want to pop up a menu. Do you knowhow? Answer: Before I startinto this, there is an easier way to handle a right-mouse click topop up a menu of

Previous instance of a running application via EnumWindows

Question: Previous instance of a running application via EnumWindows Answer: The code below will check for the previous instance of an application. Ifit finds an instance of an app already running, it brings it to theforeground, then closes the currently executing instance. This is a usefulfunction to have to make

Preventing a Form from Re-sizing Using a Windows Message

Question: Preventing a form from re-sizing using a Windows message Answer: There are some cases in your development where you want to prevent your users from re-sizing a form. This is especially true if youwant a form to behave similarly to a dialog box, but want to maintain the look

Some Useful String Manipulation Functions

Question: Some useful string manipulation functions Answer: If you’re like me, you create a bunch of utility functions and store them in a separate unit or maybe even a DLL that you can either compile into your program or access at runtime. Whatever the case, having some generic routines available

Using two Data Controls to display Data Source and Table data

Question: How can I use two different data controls to display data from a single data source and table?For instance, I’d like to use a DBGrid as a navigating tool as follows:Clients table with standard name, phone number etc.One DBText for each edit-able fieldDBGrid contains just the name of the

Circular referencing

Question: Circular referencing Answer: This tip addresses circular referencing between units; that is, where two units are dependent upon each other in some way. Or in more simple terms: two or more forms need to interact with each other at runtime. For those in the know, you’d probably say, “That’s