April 20, 1997

Can I filter DDDW values out of itself?

Question: I have a tabular DataWindow with a DDDW. Can I filter the dddw to include only valuesthat have NOT already been selected ? Answer: There is a short, a long and a longer answer to this question. The shortanswer is no. The long answer is that it depends on


Question: Can I use more than one criteria in the QueryWhere(“col1=’val1′”&”col2=’val2′) to refresha bound grid? I would really appreciate an answer or a solution; we are on the border line between tossing OPO and six weeks of work in favor of PowerBuilder 5.0, Delphi or maybe VB. Answer: The QueryWhere()

Definition/Summary of ISQL

Question: I would appreciate an introductory definition/summary of ISQL (Interactive SQL?). Answer: As you’ve guessed, ISQL is an acronym for Interactive SQL. In general,ISQL describes any tool or interface that allows you to type SQLcommands and have them processed by the database, with the results returnedto you. This often is

Creating Auto-Incrementing Columns

Question: How can I make a column that will automatically increment by one each timea new row is inserted into the table? Answer: The solution will depend upon the database server you are using. Manydatabases have implemented specialized functions that will automaticallyincrement a column, or otherwise automatically create a unique

Converting Legacy Data

Question: What are the advantages of converting a PC-based Cobol application to a P- based relational database? Answer: The most compelling advantage of converting legacy data into a relationaldatabase management system (RDBMS) is the improved accessibility of thedata. There now is a tremendous selection of tools and applicationdevelopment systems for

How to determine current filter/sort associated with DataWindow

Question: How can I determine the current filter and/or sortassociated with a DataWindow?For example:s_old_filter = dw_1.WhatsTheCurrentFilter()dw_1.SetFilter(“”)dw_1.Filter()// Do somethingdw_1.SetFilter(s_old_filter)dw_1.Filter() Answer: You can use the Describe function:ls_OldFilter = dw_1.Describe( “datawindow.table.filter” )

Can I use 16-bit DLLs in 32-bit PowerBuilder 5.0?

Question: Can I use 16-bit DLLs in 32-bit PowerBuilder 5.0? Answer: The short answer is no. If you have access to the source, you could writea thing called a thunk layer, which allows 32-bit applications to call 16-bit code, but this would take a lot of effort. If you did

Phonetic Searches

Question: How can I perform a phonetic search in SQL? I need to search a database ofnames, but exact matches won’t work. Using phonetic matching, I could finda name registered as, for example, “Beeter” when searching on “Bester”. Answer: The fastest solution for text-based searches, including phonetic searches,is to use

Dynamic UserObject in Tab Control

Question: I’m looking for a way to put a dynamic UserObject in a Tab Control. The PowerBuilder documentation mentions a technique to put it in a window, but nothing for a Tab Control. Answer: The following code will add a user object to a tab folder at runtime. The arguments

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