April 20, 1997

Can I filter DDDW values out of itself?

Question: I have a tabular DataWindow with a DDDW. Can I filter the dddw to include only valuesthat have NOT already been selected ? Answer: There is a short, a


Question: Can I use more than one criteria in the QueryWhere(“col1=’val1′”&”col2=’val2′) to refresha bound grid? I would really appreciate an answer or a solution; we are on the border line

Definition/Summary of ISQL

Question: I would appreciate an introductory definition/summary of ISQL (Interactive SQL?). Answer: As you’ve guessed, ISQL is an acronym for Interactive SQL. In general,ISQL describes any tool or interface that

Creating Auto-Incrementing Columns

Question: How can I make a column that will automatically increment by one each timea new row is inserted into the table? Answer: The solution will depend upon the database

Converting Legacy Data

Question: What are the advantages of converting a PC-based Cobol application to a P- based relational database? Answer: The most compelling advantage of converting legacy data into a relationaldatabase management

How to determine current filter/sort associated with DataWindow

Question: How can I determine the current filter and/or sortassociated with a DataWindow?For example:s_old_filter = dw_1.WhatsTheCurrentFilter()dw_1.SetFilter(“”)dw_1.Filter()// Do somethingdw_1.SetFilter(s_old_filter)dw_1.Filter() Answer: You can use the Describe function:ls_OldFilter = dw_1.Describe( “datawindow.table.filter” )

Phonetic Searches

Question: How can I perform a phonetic search in SQL? I need to search a database ofnames, but exact matches won’t work. Using phonetic matching, I could finda name registered

Dynamic UserObject in Tab Control

Question: I’m looking for a way to put a dynamic UserObject in a Tab Control. The PowerBuilder documentation mentions a technique to put it in a window, but nothing for