April 20, 1997

Adding a Column at a Specific Position

Question: How can I add a column to a table (not just at the end of the table)? For example: create table test(first_col char(20),second_col char(20)); I want to alter table

OPO Example Archive??

Question: Does an archive or site exist thathas examples or templates for Power Objects? I’ma neophyte, and would like to start with somealready developed applications that I can modify.Specifically, I’m

List of files in a directory

Question: I need a way of letting the user pick a file name or names from a list. I would prefer this not to be in a dialog box. In

Record Count by Quarter

Question: I have a table set up with training records by date. I want to produce a query that will count how many training sessions took place for each quarter

Stripping concatenated fields

Question: I have a table that contains a concatenated field delimited by colons. The field contains approximately six values I want to house as separate columns on the table. How

Is there a driver for Oracle

Question: Is there a driver for Oracle — the version Oracle recommends for NT 4.0? Answer: Yes, but it is not readily available (as of this writing, 4/14/97). You

Datawindow Printing

Question: How can I print two DataWindows on to one page? Do you have to use a composite DataWindow? Or is there a way to do it with two separate