Possible to make square rather than round radio buttons?

I am developing an application that automates government-defined forms, and have defined the forms using DataWindows. For items such as MALE/FEMALE, YES/NO, etc., I have used radio buttons. But I have been notified that in order to gain approval on these forms, my radio buttons should be squares instead of circles. Is this possible in PB 5.0, and if not, are there any other options? The platform is Windows NT 3.51 as well as Windows 3.1

The default look for radio buttons in Windows is round. Asquare shape is used to represent a checkbox. It may be possible thatwhen your forms were reviewed, the reviewer meant that they should becheckboxes instead of radio buttons. I strongly advise againstchanging this, because one of the major benefits of a GUI is that thingsshould work the same from application to application.

However, if this is not the case and you must change the look and youhave used DataWindow for your forms, you can fake the radio buttonto look like anything you want, including squares.

You will need to draw small bitmaps that look like the emptyand filled radio buttons. Then place a computed column over the top ofthe displayed radio button. Make the computed column an expression thatreturns a bitmap, and based on the value of the column return the correctbitmap:

bitmap( col1 = ‘Y’, ‘open.bmp’, ‘close.bmp’ )
Then when the user clicks on the bitmap, the radio button will change itsvalue and the bitmap display will change.

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