May 13, 1997

Screen resolution

Question: I am developing an application in Delphi 2.0 on a 1024×768 resolution (large fonts), and have been trying to get it to act properly in 800×600 mode with little

Record locking (Delphi 2 Paradox 5)

Question: We are trying to write a multi-user Delphi 2.0 app (with Paradox 5.0 tables), and are looking for a way to determine if a record is locked by another

JDK1.1 and Web browsers

Question: Do the changes made in the 1.1 API mean that if one wanted to write applets for the Web, one would have to use a previous version of the

Data input

Question: I need to pass some data from the user to my applet (or application) which is to be entered from the keyboard, using TextField.The data is repetitive (it fills

Java Strings: Mutable or immutable?

Question: I don’t understand why it is said that Strings are immutable in Java. Here is a small piece of code which shows that Strings are in fact mutable:class TestStringStuff{public


Question: I recently took Sun’s Certified Java Programmers Exam and I ran into a few questions from the exam I’d like to ask you.What is the difference between >> and