May 13, 1997

Code compiles, runs as applet but not as application

Question: I am very much a beginner at Java and have very little programming knowledge. I have a major project I wish to do but have started learning with simple small programs.I have a problem with a simple practice application that I have discovered does not occur if I try

How to copy Java source code from Web page applets

Question: Is there a way to copy Java source code from applets used on Web pages? Answer: Sometimes you can figure out the path to the .class file by studying thecode tag in the HTML code. The corresponding .java file is sometimes inthe same directory. If it’s not protected, you

Scrolling status bar message

Question: How can I make a message that will scroll in the status bar? Answer: The following applet constructs a thread, passing it a messageand its browser context. The thread perpetually sleeps for 100 miliseconds and computes three strings: prefix = last i chars of message; infix = first j

Tables and SQL

Question: How do you count the number of rows displayed in a DBGrid when displayed through a query? Using TQuery, I get 50 to 60 files, but want to know exactly how many rows passed the SQL query and are now being displayed. Answer: It’s funny that something as important


Question: How is possible to invert the order of a table display in a TDBGrid Component?Must it be an Index-DatabaseSource?For example, if in the database was stored:1Pippo2Gino 3PlutoHow is it possible to obtain this in a TDBGrid:3Pluto2Gino1PippoOf course, the last entry is the top-display in the component.. Answer: First of

Two-table Update

Question: I’m a Paradox for Windows convert. In Paradox it’s a relatively simple thing to create a query that changes data in a field of one table with the values in a similar column from another table using matching values in specific columns as reference keys. In Delphi, however, I’ve

How to call a Win 32 API function that doesn’t appear in Windows.pas

Question: How can I call a Win 32 API function that doesn’t appear in Windows.pas (EX: NetUserAdd)? I found it in the Delphi Help file, but cannot find it in Windows.pas. Answer: I know it gets confusing, but the Windows API function calls, whileprimarily in Windows.PAS, are not all contained

How can I create an array of references to objects?

Question: I would like to create an array of references to objects. In a previous question you mentioned that the Java asignment “objectX=objectY” does not create a copy of objectX and then assign it to objectY; instead, it just points objectY to the same object as objectX.

Sizing of images in Imagelist used used byTreeView

Question: The promotional literature for Delphi 2 said that the 95 Explorer could be built from the Delphi VCL. However, the size of the icons used in the TreeView needs to be 16×16 to be about the same size as they are in 95 Explorer. Is this resolution the same

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