May 29, 1997

Datawindow bands problem

Question: Occasionally I have found that after creating an executable, the bands in some of my datawindows have been repositioned to the top of that particular datawindow, causing a blank

Sending email from within OPO applications

Question: Is there a way to send email from within anOracle Power Objects application? Answer: There is not a native function to do this within OPO.However, you can use any

Can Crystal Reports output to MS Word?

Question: The Crystal Reports help file contains “Pro-only Topics.” Can I use these Pro features with the Crystal Reports engine I recieved with OPO? If so, where can I find

Rich text presentation style

Question: When using a rich text datawindow (not an rte control), is there a way to save the contents to a file as rich text, as is? In other words,

Max file size PB can open

Question: I need to develop a program interfaced with a Sybase database. First I have to open a huge ASCII file (size ranges from 20 to 100 MB) to read