May 29, 1997

Datawindow bands problem

Question: Occasionally I have found that after creating an executable, the bands in some of my datawindows have been repositioned to the top of that particular datawindow, causing a blank

OPO and stored procedure parameters

Question: Stored procedure on WG7.3 Oracle expects three parameters. I can get OPO 2.0 to pass the params if I cite them literally as, for example, exec sql begin addnewperson(‘John’,’Quincy’,’Doe’);

Referencing instances of classes

Question: How do classes communicate? If class A created one or more instances of class B and class C, how can class A keep track of all the instances of

Pop-up list problems

Question: Why can’t I put a simple piece of code in the click event for a list box and have it execute? Also, how can I choose a value from

OPO 2.0 and mathematic operations

Question: Yesterday I received a description for a reality problem I must represent in my OPO-database application. It concerns the drinking water supply for a city, and the staff of

Field-level and interfield validations

Question: Field-level validations should be done when the user visits the field. How can this be done?Interfield validations on the same screen also should be done when the user visits