May 29, 1997

Datawindow bands problem

Question: Occasionally I have found that after creating an executable, the bands in some of my datawindows have been repositioned to the top of that particular datawindow, causing a blank report. I checked the time stamp and found that that particular datawindow had not been modified since the creation of

Sending email from within OPO applications

Question: Is there a way to send email from within anOracle Power Objects application? Answer: There is not a native function to do this within OPO.However, you can use any external DLL with OPO by declaring functions inthe Declarations section of an application, so you could declarebasic email functions for

Can Crystal Reports output to MS Word?

Question: The Crystal Reports help file contains “Pro-only Topics.” Can I use these Pro features with the Crystal Reports engine I recieved with OPO? If so, where can I find an example of outputting a Word document? I am developing a work flow system for a gov. agency and would

Inserting and deleting rows in table (Jet 3.0)

Question: How can I add a row (recordset) so it gets inserted where it belongs, in alphabetical order? I use Jet 3.0, and when I update my database (.mdb), rows are inserted at the end.Also, how can I delete a current row in my table? By “current,” I mean the

Can you recommend a hardware/software configuration for database?

Question: We need to search a simple three-million-record database containing names, phone numbers, accounts and dates. We will enter a phone number and must fetch the complete record, about 12,000 such numbers, in approximately four hours. Can you recommend a hardware/software configuration? Answer: The most important part of your performance

Power Objects 2.02 — Can’t edit a view

Question: I am using Power Objects 2.02. In the sample mldata session I cannot change any views that already exist; I come up in a view mode only. This is also true of an ODBC connection to an Oracle 7 UNIX database (I haven’t upgraded to have direct Oracle 7

Rich text presentation style

Question: When using a rich text datawindow (not an rte control), is there a way to save the contents to a file as rich text, as is? In other words, the user would be able to pull the file up in any word processing document and have it show the

When project completed, no datawindows or functions were regenerated. Why?

Question: I recently created a project in PowerBuilder 4.06 to regenerate my application, PBDs and .exe. When the project was completed, none of my datawindows or functions were regenerated. Why? Should they have regenerated? What can I do to get them to regenerate? Answer: That is correct; the project painter

Max file size PB can open

Question: I need to develop a program interfaced with a Sybase database. First I have to open a huge ASCII file (size ranges from 20 to 100 MB) to read and convert it to a preformatted ASCII file for the database.Can PB open such a large ASCII file if my

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