July 24, 1997

Sybase login creation from PB

Question: How can I create a Sybase login from a PowerBuilder front-end application using sp_addlogin? The normal way of executing stored procedures ? for example, declare procname for procedure ?

Deploying a PowerBuilder Window plug-in

Question: How can we distribute the PB deployment kit (Upgrade version) to our remote end-users? Also, do we have to distribute any drivers for Oracle, or can they reside on

Printing Access reports from VB

Question: I understand that it is possible to print reports stored in a backend Access .mdb file from Visual Basic. Is it possible, and if so, how is it done?

Windows API

Question: I’m writing a program which needs to clean up the temp files which are in the Temp directory as define by the Temp Environment setting. I don’t want the

MDI applications

Question: I am trying to build a form that can be loaded as either MDI or SDI. If a use the SetParent API to force the window to be a

Creating PowerBuilder executable

Question: I want to create an independent PowerBuilder executable. Which DLLs should I include, and how do I package them with my application so that it runs on a computer