July 24, 1997

Sybase login creation from PB

Question: How can I create a Sybase login from a PowerBuilder front-end application using sp_addlogin? The normal way of executing stored procedures ? for example, declare procname for procedure ?

Return values from ancestor events

Question: How can I determine the return value of an ancestor event from its descendant?For example, the PFC_addrow event of the PFC datawindow. If I were to extend this event,

PowerBuilder lost scripts

Question: We are working with PB 5.0.02 Enterprise with anOracle server. The scripts are kept on a Novellserver version 4.x. We regenerate a PBL, and when we re-edit the object,one

PowerBuilder 5.0 datastores

Question: I am 90 percent done building a product catalog using PB 5.0.2 and SQL Anywhere 5.5.I just added a feature that uses a datastore to retrieve pricing information and

Checking for File Existance

Question: How do you use VB to check to see if a file exists? Answer: The simplest way to do it is to try opening the file with these lines

Changing 2 fields

Question: Hi, I am working on a VB 4.0 project. The project involves changing 2 fields – The date field from 6 digits to 8 digits and zipcode field from

ActiveX & Data controls

Question: I Want to make my own data control navigator bar in a single OCX. My question is: How can i get the DataSource property to work.It needs to give

Storing Control Properties

Question: I need to store a full text box in a data base, so that later I can recover it with all its properties; is that possible or do I