August 8, 1997

Set All Object Variables To Nothing

Do set all object variables to nothing before ending the application.When the End statement is executed in the OLE client application, the OLEserver is shut down and the Terminate events

Raise Your OLE Server Errors

Don’t display errors from the OLE server. Instead, raise an error tothe client application. Use error numbers greater than vbObjectError +512 and less than vbObjectError + 5535. Values between vbObjectError

Use Backquotes Instead of Apostrophes

Often when using Transact-SQL, I want to capture comments from a user in a text box and send them tothe database. However, if the user types an apostrophe in the

Spread Upgrades Over the Network

I design VB applications for approximately 300 employees in a networked environment. It’s difficult to keepthose PCs up to date with the most current version of an app, so I

Close Your Windows the Windows 95 Way

Place this code in the declaration section of a module: Public Sub Win95Shrivel(xForm As Form) ‘ Sets the form’s window status to ‘ minimized xForm.WindowState = 1End Sub Call it

String Surprise

I was developing a CGI application that read a database and pieced together the fields into a string forrepresentation as an HTML form. The surprise came when I found how

Porting VB-Specific Objects to Access 8.0

Code portability is extremely important, especially now that VBA is available in so many products. Someproblems might occur if you want to use VB4 or VB5 code in Access 8