August 8, 1997

DBGrid Automatic Configuration

If the layout of VB4’s DBGrid is not changed at design time, it willautomatically configure to a new record set when the Data control is refreshedwith a new RecordSource.

Unloading The Server From Memory

Shut down the instance of Visual Basic that uses the compiled in-processOLE server to unload the server from memory. Changes to the in-processOLE server will not be seen until the

Beware Of Design-Time DDE Links

When using DDE Links at design time, the link will be temporarily cutwhen the program is run. Some, but not all, programs will reestablish theconnection.

Speed Crystal Reports

If Crystal Reports’ speed is lacking although your report contains nolarge graphics or large numbers of groups, change these two lines in yourCRW.INI file to solve disk swapping problems: MaxRecordMemory=0MetapageSpillLimit=100

VB 4.0 Keyboard Shortcuts

Note that some key combinations are different from those for VB 3.0:Ctrl-T–Custom Controls. Ctrl-E–Menu Editor. Ctrl-F–Find (Unchanged from VB3). Ctrl-H–Replace (H? Yes, H! Go Figure!).

Printer Object EndDoc Resets FontName

The Printer object’s EndDoc method resets the FontName property. Ifyou want your application to print separate documents, invoking EndDocat the end of each, set the FontName before printing the first