February 26, 1998

Single bit assignment

Question: Is there an easy way to assign each bit in a byte, and how do Iaccess those bits individually? Answer: Usually, if you come from a C programming background,

Java OOP

Question: What exactly is a Factory or Factory class? Answer: A Factory is a class that you use to create sets of related objects withoutexplicitly invoking their constructors. You usually

byte array to int conversion

Question: I have just read a packet of data into a byte array from a socket. At offsets 5-8, 9-12, and 13-16 are binary integers. How can I get them

Unix Signal Handling

Question: Is there a way in Java to handle Unix signals(i.e. to trap a Control C signal)? Answer: You can handle Unix signals only by writing native code. However, theJava

Garbage Collection

Question: Is it possible to preserve an object from garbagecollection (to live as long as the applet)? Answer: Yes, it is possible to preserve an object from garbage collection andlive