April 10, 1998

Copying a file for source to target in Delphi

Question: How to I copy a file from a source to a target in Delphi. I have been trying: SourceId := OpenFile(Source, FileStructure1, of_Read); if SourceID = -1 then ShowMessage(‘Unable

Converting strings to reals

Question: I am trying to read in a value of pi/4 from an editbox. Is there a built in command to convert it to a real from a string or

API functions

Question: I want to ask you how can I run windows applications inside of Delphi applications (for example notepad.exe)? Answer: It’s actually even simpler than that… Look in the tips

Using Output parameter with TQuery

Question: In a TQuery component, I use the SQL property to call up a stored procedure which is kept on a MSSQL server. The string used is ‘Execute [nameofproc] :param1,

Local SQL

Question: In Delphi 1 I am trying to emulate the “..” function for wild card search in Paradox in Local SQL. I am aware of ‘like’ but it is not