June 10, 1998


Question: How do I display a quote through scripts? For example, I want to print the quotes in a line but JavaScript reads the quotes as part of the coding. What do I do? Answer: To print a single quote you don’t have to do anything special. Like this: document.write(“‘”);


Question: How can I change the color of a URL link when the mouse passes over the link? I am using Netscape version 3.0. Answer: Unfortunately, you need to have Dynamic HTML to get this type of functionality. Dynamic HTML was not included in version 3 of either Netscape or

Year 2000K Compliant

Question: How do I make my date and time JavaScript Y2K compliant? Thank you. Answer: To the best of my knowledge, JavaScript, the language, is already Year 2000 compliant. Internally it represents dates as milliseconds from January 1, 1970. Browsers, however, may have minor Y2K problems. For example, I know

Search Hard Drive

Question: I need a script that will allow users to search their hard drive for a file that they can send me. If you can help, I’d appreciate it! Thanks. Answer: Because of security concerns, JavaScript does not give you access to the local file system of the user’s computer.