June 18, 1998

The C++ Keywords

The Standard C++ keywords are: asm auto bool break case catch char class const const_cast continue default delete do double dynamic_cast else enum explicit export extern false float for friend

A Using Declaration and a Using Directive

A namespace is a scope in which declarations and definitions are grouped together. In order to refer to any of these from another scope, a full qualified name is required.

What’s in a “deprecated feature”?

C++ has been around for more than 15 years. During that long period it has been significantly extended, improved, and standardized. One of the consequences of any standardization process is

Built-in types have a constructor

In standard C++ built-in types such as char, int and float can be initialized like any ordinary user-defined type: char *pc = new char(‘a’); int pi= new int(10); float pf

Standard Headers’ Names

All Standard C++ header files must be included in the following way: #include //note: no “.h” extension#include//…other #include statements That is, the “.h” extension should not be used. This technique