June 26, 1998

DPB and DCOM with Active Server Pages

Question: What threading model does DPB use? Apartment? I’d like to use PB to create MTS components for an Active Server Pages project. Do you foresee any problems? Any advice?

Context-sensitive help

Question: When a user wants to find help on a column that has focus, I want that user to be able to hit F1, and help to be displayed based

PB 16-bit or 32-bit under PB4

Question: I have PB 4.0 installed under Windows NT. How do I tell if it is 16-bit or 32-bit PB? Answer: You can check the environment object for an ostype

Debugger breakpoint mismatch

Question: We have installed Powerbuilder 6.0.0. and have migrated applications. The application is working OK, but I am having a problem with the debugger. When I put a “break point”

Problems with TypeOf

Question: Given: Dim oX as Object Set oX = optChoice1 If TypeOf oX is CheckBox Then… If optChoice1 is a CheckBox the If… will be true unless optChoice1 is an

Current Directory

Question: I made a project that resides in a subdirectory under Microsoft Visual Basic 4. Example: C:/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Basic// When I run the program, I want it to get

Identity column in SQL server database

Question: I inserted a new row in a table with Identity column, and saved it by calling update function. Then I immediatly tried to modify this record and update again.