June 26, 1998

Debugger breakpoint mismatch

Question: We have installed Powerbuilder 6.0.0. and have migrated applications. The application is working OK, but I am having a problem with the debugger. When I put a “break point” on an instruction on a script associated with a data window, the debugger seems to ignore it. If I put

Asking a proper question

Question: I have tried using the “shell” statement in VBA to load and run an existing .exe file. The file seems to load but does not run. (I have used the exact format given in the help). Is there something wrong with “shell,” or am I doing something wrong? Answer:

Find if directory exists

Question: We would like to find out if a directory that was typed exists. Furthermore, we prefer not to use a list box control or getFileOpenName. Answer: To do this you will need to declare the following API call as a local external function: Function ulong GetFileAttributesA (ref string filename)

Record date/time when updating record

Question: I’m using PB6.0 with Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.0. I would like to be able to record the date and time in my table(s) whenever a user updates or adds a row. Any suggestions on the best way to do it? I’ve tried using the TIMESTAMP data type, but have

Powerscript – Mouse

Question: How do you get the position of the mouse pointer (x- and y-cordinates) in a script? Answer: Use the PointerX() and PointerY() functions.

Creating graphics of forms for documentation

Question: I am attempting to add a picture of a form to a Word file. How can I do this? Answer: The simplest method, most often overlooked, is to run your app and press Alt-PrintScreen when you get it in the state you desire. At this point, you could paste

Controlling other programs

Question: How can I make a program that controls other programs? For example, I’ve seen programs that can change the text in a text box of another program. Answer: Sounds like it should be pretty easy, and in the end it often is. In general, to alter another window you

Highlighting a row a different color

Question: Using PFC, when I select a row, it turns dark blue, often obscuring the data. Is there a way to change the color to something lighter? Answer: The way to do this is to build your own custom highlighting. Add a rectangle to your row and set it to

Determining time zone setting

Question: How can I find the Active Time Zone offset from UTC that the computer clock is set to? This value changes when going from Standard to Daylight Savings Time. I have looked in the Win.ini file and my API reference, but can find nothing. Answer: You can use the

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