October 2, 1998

Selecting a maximum sum from a group

Question: I need to write a query that selects the maximus sum for a group from a list like the one below. Type ValueA 100B 200C 300A 300B 100C 342

Textfield focus

Question: I have a frame with a few textfields on it. How can I set the focus to the first textfield? Is there something like setFocus? Answer: A component can

Mouse Event Handling

Question: How do I program the right mouse button to bring up a window or dialog box when I right-click on a particular button? Answer: All Java AWT components exhibit

DBA; Backup

Question: What is the correct way to backup a SQL Server database? I’m new to SQL Server and don’t know where to start. Answer: The best place to start would

Process Local Storage

Question: Is there a way to get memory allocated that is global to the current process? Thread local storage won’t do the trick because you need a global handle to

Operator overloading

Question: Can you do operator overloading in Java? If so, how? Answer: Java does not as of yet support operator overloading, and there are no signs that it will ever

Limiting rows returned by SELECT

Question: In PL/SQL, the following syntax is allowed: SELECT * FROM table WHERE ROWNUM < 25 This would return the first 24 rows of a table. Is there anything equivalent

System information..

Question: I’d like to write a little program that determines the type of system one has. It would be able to report, among other things, processor type, system/bios type/ver #,