October 20, 1998

DOS Level error code

Question: Do you know how to return DOS level code from a program upon exit? Answer: On most systems, you can simply return a value from your main function.int main(){ return 5; // Error level 5}

User-defined string functions

Question: I am moving from other languages to Visual C++. I am trying to write a function that returns a string (or pointer to a string), which will then be put into a buffer using the lstrcpy function. I get only the first letter. Answer: Please folks, if you ask

Visual C++ 5.0 compatible with C?

Question: I am studying C and C++ programming on my own. I have no previous programming experience. I am using Visual C++ 5.0 to run the following example “program 8.12” written in the book Programming in ANSI C, revised edition by S. G. Kochan. But Visual C++ 5.0 would not

‘80004005’ Error in Visual InterDev

Question: I am trying to view the table information by using the Data Form Wizard in Visual InterDev. I have successfully previewed the fileList.asp form that is created by the Wizard on Windows 95 (a personal Web server). But when I try to preview it on Windows NT Workstation (a

Crashing Internet Information Server

Question: Is it possible to crash a server from an Active Server Page (ASP) if you are using an object instantiated via an ActiveX DLL installed on the server? My Internet Service Provider (ISP) won’t allow me to install my DLLs on his server and as a result I cannot

Accessing private member of linked list class

Question: I have a linked list class whose private data members I want to access and initialise through a dialog box generated through the VC++ wizard. Debugging gives me an error, as private data member not accessible. Answer: You didn’t mention which class you were using, so I can just

Visual Basic or Visual C++

Question: I am interested in buying a new compiler and don’t know wether to purchase Visual Basic or Visual C++. I have taken a course in C++, but I am not sure which way is the best to go. Answer: If you have only taken the one course, you might

How Do You Delete All Files In A Directory?

Question: Deleting all files in a directory should bea basic function; however, I can’t seem tofind a function that will do this. Can you point me to a function that will do this, or give me an example of code that will do this? Answer: Unfortunately, you didn’t indicate which