October 20, 1998

Visual Basic or Visual C++

Question: I am interested in buying a new compiler and don’t know wether to purchase Visual Basic or Visual C++. I have taken a course in C++, but I am

Crashing Internet Information Server

Question: Is it possible to crash a server from an Active Server Page (ASP) if you are using an object instantiated via an ActiveX DLL installed on the server? My

‘80004005’ Error in Visual InterDev

Question: I am trying to view the table information by using the Data Form Wizard in Visual InterDev. I have successfully previewed the fileList.asp form that is created by the

Visual C++ 5.0 compatible with C?

Question: I am studying C and C++ programming on my own. I have no previous programming experience. I am using Visual C++ 5.0 to run the following example “program 8.12”

User-defined string functions

Question: I am moving from other languages to Visual C++. I am trying to write a function that returns a string (or pointer to a string), which will then be

DOS Level error code

Question: Do you know how to return DOS level code from a program upon exit? Answer: On most systems, you can simply return a value from your main main(){