November 13, 1998

Beginning Swing-Based Applications

When you begin all Swing-based applications, you must set the look and feel and add a WindowListener so that when a user clicks on the exit box, the program exits. Consider putting these items in as base class JxFrame derived from JFrame so that you don’t have to rewrite this

Using JToggleButtons Inside the JToolBar

JToggleButtons work well when you want buttons that stay down or up inside the JToolBar. You can also make them behave like Radio buttons (only one button down at a time) by adding them to a ButtonGroup. However, if you want to raise a depressed button when an operation is

Playing a Sound Automatically Using META Tags

If you want to play a sound when someone visits your Web page, an effective, simple, browser-independent approach is to insert a META refresh tag that loads the sound file. META tags need to be in the header () of your HTML file in order to work. If your audience