December 4, 1998

Intercept File Operations

Question: I am trying to write a utility program. I need a way to intercept all file open/save operations and get the info about the name of the file so

How do I make a shortcut in Windows 95/98

Question: I would like to create a shortcut on the desktop. How do I do that without copying a file to the windowsdesktop directory? Answer: The basic approach is to

Frame Content to Image Object

Question: In my application, I want to convert the content of a component into a GIF image. I know how to convert an Image object to a GIF, but I

Sorting Strings in an Array

Question: I have a list of filenames in a String array. I’d like to sort them into alphabetical order. Is there a class to do this, or must I implement

Delaying a Program

Question: Can you please tell me how to delay the program flow in Java? I can’t find any implementation of delay(). Answer: To introduce a delay into your program, use

Inner Classes

Question: Why can’t I have a static member in an inner class? Answer: The simple answer is that static member variables and methods aredisallowed by the Inner Classes Specification that

Splash Page Creation

Question: I would like to show a splash page and have it time out after approximately five seconds. How do I do that? Answer: Presumably you would like to display

NT RAS error codes

Question: Where can I go to decipher Microsoft error codes? I am having trouble making one NT workstation dial in to my RRAS server; I get a TCP/IP error code