December 8, 1998

Risks of Using Reflection

Reflection plays an essential role in adding dynamism to Java. Using reflection, an application can dynamically (i.e., at run time) determine the state and behavior of any class. Reflection allows

Capturing a type_info Object

The operator typeid returns a const type_info object associated with its argument. However, the returned object is a temporary one, so if you have to call several member functions from

How to Generate a Sequence of Random Numbers

Standard C provides two functions for the purpose of random number generation–rand and srand. The function rand generates a sequence of pseudo-random numbers. The term pseudo-random implies that the generated

Adjust Combo Box Drop-down Width

Due to limited space on a form, you sometimes must keep the width of combo boxes small. Because a combo box lacks a horizontal scrollbar, some text might remain hidden.

Ragged Arrays

Who said arrays in VB can’t change all dimensions while preserving data? I call this the “variable dimensions array,” and I use it when applications need data arrays with more