December 16, 1998

Comparing Dates

Question: How do I compare dates to determine if one comes after or before another? Answer: You can just use the normal IF statement: IF ld_date1 < ld_date2 THEN ...

SQL Server Errors

Question: When rebuiling indexes I receive an error. Error 1501:[SQL Server] Sort Failure What is happening, and what do I need to do to fix this problem? Answer: I was

API for NT Command Scheduler?

Question: How can I program the NT Command Scheduler (AT command) using VB5? What are the API calls? Right now I’m just using Shell to run AT. Is this my


Question: Can you import Excel files into SQL Server tables using bcp? if so what is the command line? Answer: You can’t execute bcp directly against an Excel file. However,

Visual Studio 6 Hoses NT

Question: As part of a normal Visual Studio 6 upgrade on an NT Server 4.0 SP3 machine, Setup rebooted the machine “to continue the install.” I then got a blue

How to create NT user home drive

Question: I set the usri3_home_dir and home_dir_drive when I create an NT account using VB code. I also need to create the home directory on a specified NT server. Any

Passing Information via the Query String

You can pass information via the URL very easily. This process is called passing information via the Query String. The Query String is the bit of information that is on