Passing Information via the Query String

Passing Information via the Query String

You can pass information via the URL very easily. This process is called passing information via the Query String. The Query String is the bit of information that is on the address line with the URL and to the right of the question mark (?).

An example would be:

This example passes two pieces of information via the URL address to the server.

On the server side, this information can be extracted in a number of different ways. One of the easiest ways is to use Active Server Pages (ASP) to process the page. Using Active Server Pages, you can extract the information from the URL in very simple method calls.

For example, the following two lines of code can be used from within the page name in the URL above.

 sName=Request.QueryString("Name")sFavoriteSite = Request.QueryString("FavoriteSite")

This code will extract the two pieces of information to two server-side variables. You can then use a scripting language (such as JScript or VBScript) to process the information.


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