January 23, 1999

Customize Your 404 Page

Even if your Web site is rock-solid with no broken links on it anywhere, chances are someone is going to see a 404 File not Found error page someday, if only because the user typed in an address incorrectly. For that reason, it’s a good idea to customize it–the default

Sorting a Two-Dimensional Array With <=>

The Perl sort function is useful for alphabetically sorting lists. However, you can’t use it on a list of lists, because once a list starts listing other lists, they cease to be lists and become references instead. By sorting arrays within arrays, it’s possible to gain relational database-like control over

Serializing and Deserializing Objects

The serialization mechanism in Java provides the means for persisting objects beyond a single run of a Java program. To serialize an object, make sure that the declaring class implements the java.io.Serializable interface. Then obtain an ObjectOutputStream to write the object to and call the writeObject() method on the ObjectOutputStream.

Display Read-Only Data on Your Web Pages

You can do a lot of cool things using Microsoft’s Remote Data Services (RDS). For example, have you ever wanted to display a field from a database table read-only in a table cell? The tag does not have a datafld property to bind to. A simple answer is to place

Non-Virtual Multiple Inheritance

Virtual inheritance is used to avoid multiple copies of a base class in a multiple-inherited object. However, there are cases where multiple copies of a base are needed in a derived class. In such cases, virtual inheritance is intentionally avoided. Suppose you have a scrollbar class that serves as a