January 23, 1999

Customize Your 404 Page

Even if your Web site is rock-solid with no broken links on it anywhere, chances are someone is going to see a 404 File not Found error page someday, if

Sorting a Two-Dimensional Array With <=>

The Perl sort function is useful for alphabetically sorting lists. However, you can’t use it on a list of lists, because once a list starts listing other lists, they cease

Serializing and Deserializing Objects

The serialization mechanism in Java provides the means for persisting objects beyond a single run of a Java program. To serialize an object, make sure that the declaring class implements

Display Read-Only Data on Your Web Pages

You can do a lot of cool things using Microsoft’s Remote Data Services (RDS). For example, have you ever wanted to display a field from a database table read-only in

Non-Virtual Multiple Inheritance

Virtual inheritance is used to avoid multiple copies of a base class in a multiple-inherited object. However, there are cases where multiple copies of a base are needed in a