February 9, 1999

Refreshing Using the META Tag

Question: What HTML tag do I use to have the screen refresh every two minutes? Answer: The following META tag will work. The value of the CONTENT parameter will determine the number of seconds to wait before refreshing. Put this tag in the section.

Building a Web Site With Database Design

Question: I am designing a Web site for a conference. Over 2000 attendees are going to use the Web site for registering online, as well as for other interactive tasks, with queries to the database for information. What tool should I use to design the site so it will have

Books Covering Visual Basic 6 and Web Classes

Question: I am building Web pages using Visual Basic 6, Web Classes, HTML, DHTML, and JavaScript. Do you know of any good books that actually explain this type of programming? I have bought HTML books and VB6 books but there is a lack of knowledge putting all the languages together.

Incoming Calls While Surfing

Question: We have one phone line coming into the house. How can I get the phone to ring and the Internet connection to be broken if I’m on the net when someone calls? Do I need software or call-waiting, and if so will the phone ring? Answer: Most surfers choose

Adding Two Submit Buttons to an HTML Form

Question: Can I use two submit buttons in the same form, but refer to two different scripts? Answer: Yes, it is possible to add two submit buttons to an HTML form. To detect which button was clicked, give each button the same name. Give the Action property of the form

Interacting With the Operating System Directly

In general, API functions and classes enable you to interact with the operating system. Sometimes, however, it is much simpler to execute a system command directly. For this purpose, you can use the standard function system() that takes a const char * argument containing a shell command. For example, on

Stop Data Input Errors Before They Start

When developing a database program, always keep the data-input user in mind. The most elegant program in the world is useless if the data is riddled with errors. If a database field requires integers and no text, or text and no integers, the best way to prevent input errors is

Initializing a Vector with the Contents of an Array

You can initialize a vector with the contents of a built-in array like this: #include#include using namespace std;int main(){ int arr[3]; arr[0] = 4; arr[1] = 8; arr[2] = 16; vector vi ( &arr[0], // first argument is the address of the array’s beginning &arr[3] ); // second argument must

A Basic Class Finder Utility

Here’s a useful utility for finding the full pathname for a class (or any other file) from a Java program. This utility uses the method getClassNameFromPackage() described in the Tip “Obtaining a File Path From a Class Name.” This utility lets you find the complete file path for any class

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