February 9, 1999

Finding Where Your ISP Stores Your ASP Files

Although your Internet Service Provider (ISP) tells you the virtual directory that holds your Active Server Pages site, you may need to know the actual path where your files reside.

Why void& Type is Illegal

A reference is always bound to an object. In fact, you can think of a reference variable as an alias of its bound object. However, void& is not bound to

Customize Your FTP Welcome Message

It’s fairly simple to customize the welcome message on your IIS/Windows NT FTP server. Welcome messages can contain directory information, usage guidelines, unauthorized access warnings, server news, and other useful

Use Includes in Your Active Server Pages

Use the #INCLUDE statement in your Active Server Pages (ASP) to utilize common code throughout your Web site. An Include file can contain client-side script, HTML or ASP. By coding