March 5, 1999

Easy Confirmation

Sometimes you want to give your users the chance to confirm that they wish to proceed with the closure of a form. Instead of using a MsgBox function and a

Use MouseMove for Easy StatusBar Updates

You can easily make your program show descriptive text on a StatusBar control in response to mouse movement. Assign the text to the appropriate panel in the MouseMove events of

Show Data With Outlook Grid

You can easily create a calendar grid similar to the one in Outlook to show data. First, start a VB project, then place an MSFlex Grid on the form, with

Provide a Horizontal Scroll Event for a Listbox

Subclassing a listbox allows you to monitor horizontal scrolling. To subclass a listbox, you store the original WndProc in the UserData area of the listbox, allowing a single replacement of

Base Class Constructor With Arguments

When a constructor has to pass arguments to its base class constructor or to an embedded object, you must use a mem-initializer: class base {private: int num1; char * text;public:

Pseudo Destructors

Fundamental types have a pseudo destructor. A pseudo destructor is a syntactic construct whose sole purpose is to satisfy the need of generic algorithms and containers. It is a no-op

Exception Type Match

When an exception is thrown, the exception handling mechanism searches for a matching handler for it. The matching rules for exceptions are more restrictive than the matching rules for function

Overloaded Operators May Not Have Default Parameters

Unlike ordinary functions, overloaded operators cannot declare a parameter with a default value (overloaded operator() is the only exception): class Date{ private: int day, month, year; public: Date & operator