April 2, 1999

Loading automaticaly

Question: When I put my CD into my computer, it should start the programs automatically, but it don’t. I have to go to PROGRAMS to make it come up. Could there be a file or something that is closed? Answer: This depends on several things: Whether your system is configured

Foxpro 2.6 for DOS

Question: I know I’m a bit behind, but I would like to know how to create C programs for use in Foxpro for DOS. I have Foxpro 2.6 with LCK, but the kit did not come with a compiler to create the PLB files. I read somewhere that you can

Preview in VFP

Question: I am going to give a preview of a report for a user, but a small window with a printer icon shows on the top. I don’t want the report to be printed. How do I set the printer icon on the small window to disable? Answer: There is

FoxPro vs. Access

Question: I’m planning on using Visual Basic as a front end, but cannot decide on Access or FoxPro as the back end. Any big differences between the two? Answer: I am not very familiar with Access. The marketing suggests that Access is for applications with smaller databases. Fox is excellent


Question: I am looking for some way for ppl to sort info that I have in a table on my page. I have been told many many tiems that I will need to use Java, but no one has as yet been able to help me. Answer: Hi Joffy,I am

SQL and object reference in Fox Pro

Question: How can I can reference the value of an object to use in a select statement? My statment is being used in a Visual Fox Pro application, andso far looks like this: select name from data where name like ‘thisform.text1.value%’ This and 15 variations of it will not work.

Get Data with GetString

DO recordsets have a handy little method called GetString that they inherited from RDO’s GetClipString. GetString returns the contents of a recordset into a formatted string. Here are three useful ways to use GetString. The official syntax of GetString is: String= recordset.GetString([StringFormat], [NumRows], [ColumnDelimiter], [RowDelimiter], [NullExpr]) Parameter Description StringFormat Currently

Writing UDP Clients and Servers

o write UDP clients and servers, you have to use the DatagramSocket class. UDP is a connectionless protocol, so a UDP server doesn’t have to perform an accept() operation the way a TCP server using ServerSocket has to. Unlike Socket, you do not communicate by writing to an OutputStream and